For The Pirates of Penzance:

 "[Director Matt Hawkins] is well matched, musically, by the arrangements and homages and general spruces of Maestro Michael Kaish. A highly skilled music director, Kaish not only faithfully transposes the beloved score but at times gives it steroid shots of the most surprising provence; you never would have thought an electric guitar could be fitted so well into Gilbert and Sullivan, or a sitar for that matter." – Ben Kemper, Kemper Corner Reviews

For The Sound of Music:

 "Michael Kaish’s talented 8-member orchestra fills the auditorium with Rodgers‘ rich, romantic Alpine-flavored score, which the talented young Musical Director arranged himself. A half dozen nuns bathed in candlelight breathtakingly open the show, setting the bar high for this top-notch production. These talented women raise their angelic voices in a resplendent praise of God that bookends this musical." – Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Michael Kaish

Music Director, Accompanist, Orchestrator

For The Addams Family:

"The music, conducted by Michael Kaish and his 5 musicians, made the score sound as if there were ten plus musicians bringing the music to the stage." – Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

"The band, led by Michael Kaish, has the punch of an orchestra." – Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times


For Tarzan:

"The single best element of this production is Michael Kaish’s six-member, onstage band. They’re a talented group of instrumentalists who brilliantly deliver Phil Collins’ layered, percussive score...As musical director, Kaish has guided his cast to skillfully perform the two dozen songs that enhance the iconic tale of a man raised by apes." - Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

For ​Company:

"The musicians who are backstage, led by Michael Kaish at the keyboards are perfect...great work!" – Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

For ​Ride the Cyclone:

"Under the baton of keyboardist Michael Kaish, the five-man onstage band creates a soundscape that seamlessly flows between genres, moods, and instruments." -

Catey Sullivan, Theater Mania

"Doug Peck's music direction is first-rate, as is the quartet under conductor/keyboardist Michael Kaish."  -

Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald​